Bowl food

Bowl food is an excellent way to provide your guests with a more substantial food offer than canapés whilst remaining informal.  It is ideal for longer receptions where you want your guests to be able to eat but without breaking up the party.  We would recommend about three bowls per person as an equivalent to a light meal.


Tuscan bean & herb stew (v; ve)

Lamb tagine finished with apricots and coriander (served with couscous)

Sliced fillet of pork with noodles, ginger and sweet chilli sauce

Chicken & leek fricasee

Lamb chilli and new potatoes

Sticky salmon with egg fried rice 

Root vegetable and  lentil crumble



Dressed mixed leaves, topped with new potatoes, chives & finished with poached salmon and home cured salmon gravadlax

Olives and sundried tomato with herbed couscous feta cheese in a sun-dried tomato and chilli dressing (v)

Chicken served with homemade aioli, broccoli, baby spinach & peas served with wild rice

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables & penne pasta in a homemade basil and tomato pesto (v)